Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099

For those of you that were unaware, on a recent episode of the Who's Who podcast, Rob and Shag kind of dropped a hint that somebody should start a blog dedicated to the Legion of Super-Heroes because there hadn't been one in a loooong time, if ever. Well, the listeners did it. All bloggers and/or Legion fans in their own right, people like Little Russell Burbage, Kyle Benning the Metropolis Kid, Tim "Kord Industries" Wallace, David Weter, Firestorm Fan's Irredeemable Shag, David Sopko, Supergirl expert Anj, and Siskoid from Siskoid's Blog of Geekery all ganged together to start...

...The Legion of Super-Bloggers!

The blog went live September 1, 2014, and it is great! I've been...preoccupied lately, and hadn't had a chance to really look it over until today, and I have to say, the guys are doing a great job so far. So great, in fact that I was inspired to do up this blog entry dealing with the Legion teams that showed up in Amalgam Comics June 1997 comic, Spider-Boy Team-Up #1. This isn't going to be an actual review of the issue, as I will eventually be reviewing all the Amalgam stuff somewhere down the road. It's just a quick glance at the two different teams that show up in the comic.

The issue starts off with Spider-Boy fighting the Scavulture (an amalgamation of Scavenger and the Vulture). Some stuff happens and Spider-Boy finds himself in the year 2099. There he meets up with the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 (Legion of Super-Heroes/Guardians of the Galaxy/2099). This is the first group he meets up with before the Chronal Crisis happens:

And here's the breakdown of who the heck all those characters are amalgamations of:

Pre-Chronal Crisis LOGG 2099 Members

Bouncing Ball - Bouncing Boy/Speedball
Cannonfire - Wildfire/ Cannonball
Chameleon - Chameleon Boy/ Chameleon
Dream Date - Dream Girl/ Destiny
Fantastic Lad - Elastic Lad/ Mr. Fantastic
Growing Boy - Colossal Boy/ Growing Man
Invisible Girl - Invisible Kid/ Invisible Woman
Lady Bug - Shrinking Violet/ The Wasp
Living Lightning Lad - Lightning Lad/ Living Lightning
Living Lightning Lass - Lightning Lass/ Living Lightning
Martinex 5 - Brainiac 5/ Martinex
Molecule Lad - Element Lad/ Molecule Man
Multiple Maid - Triplicate Girl/ Multiple Man
Paste-Eater Pete - Matter-Eater Lad/ Paste Pot Pete
Phantom Cat - Phantom Girl/ Shadowcat
Psi-Girl - Saturn Girl/ Psylocke
Shadowstar - Shadow Lass/ Starhawk
Star Charlie - Star Boy/ Charlie-27
Sun Lord - Sun Boy/ Firelord
Timberwolf By Night - Timber Wolf/ Werewolf by Night
Universe Boy - Ultra Boy/ Captain Universe
Vance Cosmic - Cosmic Boy/ Vance Astro

After that, more stuff happens (told you this wasn't going to be a review of the issue) and Spider-Boy ends up encountering a different version of the Legion, along with Spider-Boy 2099. This is the team he meets up with after the Chronal Crisis:

(Oh, the Chronal Crisis, if you were wondering, is a kind of Zero Hour type event.)

Post-Chronal Crisis LOGG 2099 Members

Chameleon - Chameleon/ Chameleon
Darkstar - Umbra/ Darkstar
Invisible Girl - Invisible Kid/ Invisible Woman
Lady Bug - Violet/ Wasp
' Lectron - Livewire/ Electro
Living Colossus - Leviathan/ It, the Living Colossus
Martinex 5 - Brainiac 5/ Martinex.
Mass - Star Boy/ Charlie 27
Myriad - Triad/ Madrox
Nucleus - Element Lad/ Molecule Man
Phoenetix - Kinetix/ Rachel Summers
Phantom Cat - Apparition/ Shadowcat
Psi-Girl - Saturn Girl/ Psylocke
Sparkler - Light Lass/ Dazzler
Spider-Boy 2099 - Mon-El/ Spider-Man 2099
Universe Boy - Ultra Boy/ Captain Universe
Vance Cosmic - Cosmic Boy/ Vance Astro
Xcel - XS/ Quicksilver

So that's my quick little look at the Amalgam version of the Legion, mostly done in honor of the grand opening (8 days late. My post, I mean) of The Legion of Super-Bloggers, a blog so good I felt the need to link to it TWICE in the same blog entry. So check it out, even if you're not a huge fan of the Legion in its many incarnations. You'll love it. Of course, you'll love it more if you are a fan.

To end, here's a picture of Spider-Boy 2099. Why?

Because I felt like it. That's why.

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