Saturday, January 24, 2015

Amalgam's Spider-Boy in SPIDER-VERSE #2

Hey, everybody. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've been super busy, so if you don't hear from me much for the next little while, just know I haven't forgotten about this or any of the other other blogs I'm involved with.

As luck would have it, my recent absence works out, because this is the absolute perfect first post for the New Year.

On one of the other blogs I'm (loosely at the moment) involved with, The Ultraverse Network, Shag Matthews posted an image from Spider-verse #2 showing a panel containing a cameo of Spider-Prime. See the blog post below this one if you don't know who Spider-Prime is. I got all excited, as I had pestered Dan Slott before Spider-verse even started to include Spider-Prime and Spider-Boy in the event series, even as small cameos in a group shot. For those who don't know, Marvel is not allowed to use either of those characters anymore for legal reasons. Dan said pretty much there was no chance in hell of that happening, but I figured I'd keep my eyes open anyway, as we all know comic creators are a sneaky lot.

As I was looking at the Spider-Prime pic (over on the far left of the pic posted below, right below where Spidey's webbing hits the edge of the panel), I thought to myself that while this was awesome, it was too bad that they didn't sneak Spider-Boy into the picture as well. Then I saw it! Spider-Boy WAS is the picture. Don't believe me? Check for yourself.

See him? No? Click the picture, silly, and make it bigger. Ah, THERE he is! He's squashed in between the main Spider-Man on the left's buttock and the Spider-Man with the webbing for a mask. I showed the picture to Shag before I posted this just to make sure I wasn't imagining things, and he agrees with me that it is indeed Spider-Boy!

Sometimes, bitching works. It really does.